Frequently asked


Are you licensed tradesmen?

This is a question you should ask every tradesman before they start working at your house! Yes, Zig Zag Tilers are fully licenced. Our building work licence number is BLD 229690. All the sub-contractors we use (plumber, electrician, plasterer etc.) are all licenced tradesmen.


How long will my bathroom renovation take?

The duration of your renovation will obviously depend on the scale of the project. Most full bathroom renovations take 3 to 4 weeks to complete, including the installation of a shower screen which is usually the last fixture to be installed.


Do you supply the tiles, fittings and fixtures?

The range of tiles, fittings and fixtures available continues to grow every year with showrooms around Adelaide displaying an infinite number of styles, colours, shapes and sizes. Therefore, rather than limiting your choice to one brand or particular outlet, we’ve taken the approach of letting our clients, with the help of sales staff with up-to-date knowledge, choose their own products at whichever store suits them. This way you have the opportunity to choose exactly the right toilet, towel rail or feature tile for your new bathroom.

However, we are more than happy to provide tips and guidance to help you during this process and should you end up purchasing your bathroomware or tiles from any of the companies we recommend (see list here) we can often organise a discount through our trade accounts.


Do you require a deposit and how can I pay?

No, we don’t usually require you to pay a deposit. At regular stages throughout your renovation, you will receive a ‘progress payment’ invoice which is usually sent via email. Our preferred payment method is via direct credit using your online banking facilities. However, if computers are not your thing, a personal or bank cheque is also fine. Once the renovation has been completed, we will provide you with a final, detailed invoice outlining all quoted work completed as well as any additional items, less progress payments made.